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6th Asia Pacific iGEM Conference

Dancing in the opening ceremony

The conference was held by NCHU_Taichung from July 30th, 2018 to August 2nd, 2018. During the four-day event, more than 22 teams, 3 countries, 140 people, 3 speakers and 6 mentors got to have communication and presentation just as the iGEM Conference used to do. It is not only a simulation event before the world conference in October, but also a great chance for teams to build up collaborations and make friends with all the iGEMers.

ShanghaiTech iGEM

Thanks to ShanghaiTech iGEM team for visiting the company and bringing our questions to get feedback as below:

Q: The plant Vetiveria zizanioides is an example of phytoremediation. According to this fact, endosymbiotic microorganism should be able to multiply. How do you examine the sample of soil microorganism on the effect of it?
A: By testing the quantity of the chemical aimed in degradation.

Q: Does the application of genetic modified microorganism have environmental concern?
A: We don’t have any applications in this field.


Mingdao helped us host the 6th Asia-Pacific iGEM Conference. Besides, we went to their lab for some growth curve testing. With their help and the microplate reader, we've got to spend less time on this part and using the data to optimize our experiment. Thanks to them, so that we can successfully finish our project.

In contrast, we found Mingdao was lack of source about the mosquito experiment. That is the key point for application design and test of their project. We introduced MIngdao to the Mosquito Lab at Entomology Department of our school.

TU Darmstadt

We contacted team TU_Darmstadt to search for help and advice in June. Because this is the first year for our team to participate in iGEM competition, we are unfamiliar with operating such a project requiring cross-disciplinary collaboration.

TU Darmstadt is an outstanding team participating in iGEM competition for years. We hoped to learn how they organize a successful team in both short term and long term. Since one of our team member Yu-Hsuan was studying in Darmstadt, they kindly invited her to visit them.

During the meeting with TU Darmstadt, they shared their experience and a lot of great ideas about team building, project designing, fundraising, and more. We also shared ideas about our projects with each other. After talking to them, we were much clearer about what to do next.

We greatly appreciate the advice and motivation given by team TU Darmstadt, and wish them all the best at the Giant Jamboree!


NCHU_Taichung was the first time to join iGEM. Early in our tram's formation, we usually encountered some problems with no direction at all. Modeling was one of them. We didn't even know how to start, and what we should do. At that time, HUST-China contacted us. They needed the shuttle plasmid of Rhodopseudomonas palustris-E. coli from our PI. We help them get the plasmid and gave some suggestions on cultivation and transformation. Simultaneously, when HUST-China knew that we were frustrated with modeling, they gave advice on the direction of modeling, and help us to build it.