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Conferences & Meet ups

It is always great to have communication with other teams all over the world. By sharing ideas, discussing with each other, better approach often came up. Particularly, it is our pleasure to hold 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference and get to meet other teams in Taiwan, China, and Japan.

2018 6th Asia-Pacific iGEM Conference

The conference was held from July 30th, 2018 to August 2nd, 2018. During the four-day event, more than 20 teams got to have communication and presentation just as the iGEM Conference used to do. It is not only a simulation event before the world conference in October, but also a great chance for teams to build up collaborations and make friends with all the iGEMers.

Held by NCHU_Taichung
2018 6th Asia-Pacific iGEM Conference

Conferences & Meet ups in Taiwan

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