Team:NCHU Taichung/Demonstrate



Endophyte Engineering

We have successfully express genes in the endophyte using our engineered vector. See Parts Improved page,BBa_K2546004 for more information.

Also, the endophytic assay have been done, see our Result page.

Dioxin Bioremediation

The results of the recombinant bacteria growth test, show that the three genes code for the proteins HAD, TonB, Laccase functions. In our hypothesis, HAD catalyze dehalogenation degrade TCDD, so the HAD construct grew better in TCDD medium as expect. TonB construct grew worse in high concentration TCDD, just as we suppose that TonB intakes TCDD into the cell. The growth of strain TLcc declined in high TCDD concentration. It’s possible that the free radical attack the ring structure and cause damages to bacteria as shown in our results. Most importantly, the recombinant strain TonB+HAD+TLcc(J23100), which three genes on an open reading frame, had better growth with 0, 0.05, 0.1ppm TCDD treatment. This indicated that the toxicity effect of TCDD can be detoxified due to the synergistic functions of the three genes. More Info