Team:NCHU Taichung/Judging





  1. Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance
    We have registered for undergraduate team in 2018 iGEM.
  2. Competition Deliverables
    Follow the Deliverables page in iGEM:
    We submitted Judging Form and Safety Form by the deadline, made a poster and prepared the presentation of our teamwork to show in the Jamboree. Our wiki includes Attributions page and Safety page.
  3. Attributions
    We got many helps from professors and other people. They are listed on the Attributions page.
  4. Characterization / Contribution
    We engineered an endophyte with membrane transporter, dehalogenase and laccase to intake and break down dioxin, and created biobricks compatible shuttle vector that can express in endophyte. We documented on Parts page and submitted by the deadline.


  1. Validated Part / Validated Contribution
    We proved that each constructed basic parts has function, and we also tested our part working. The results are on our Result page.
  2. Collaboration
    We collaborated with some teams. Details are on our Collaboration page.
  3. Human Practices
    To show our project will make the world better, we went to the public to show our idea. Details can find on HP Introduction page.


  1. Integrated Human Practices
    To get more information about dioxin degradation, we visited some institutes and went to Vietnam. Details are mentioned on Integrated Human Practice page.
  2. Improve a Previous Part or Project
    We have improved previous part. Please see our Parts Improved page,BBa_K2546004
  3. Model Your Project
    We modeled our project. Please see our Model
  4. Demonstration of Your Work
    We demonstrated our project. Please see our Demonstration page.


Integrated Human Practices


Education and Public Engagement