Team:SUSTech Shenzhen/Achievements


We are the first one to introduce cell coculture of mammalian cells in microfluidic system. As a proof-of-principle, we knockout several genes whose functions are known in Wnt secretion. We verified the performance of our microfluidic system with both Wnt donor cells and reporters. We also build mathematical models for characterization of Wnt secretion, Wnt signaling and fluidic engineering.

Our microfluidic system is flexible to adjust to the biological application. And the system will be set up for many other scientific uses. Our aim of the project is more or less building a microfluidic platform for biologists. Some achievements are reached in our projects:

1. Developed double emulsion system for cell coculture

2. Design a novel micro-well microfluidic system for cell coculture

3. Optimize a reporter cell line in Wnt signaling pathway

4. Build several donor cell lines in Wnt secretion

5. Modeling the Wnt signaling pathway from normal tissue

6. Introduce a new type of integrated research in Human Practices

Bronze medal

1. Registration and Giant Jamboree attendance.

2. Competition deliverables including Wiki, Poster, Presentation and Judging Form are completed.

3. Find our team members and advisors in Attribution.

4. We Characterized two existing parts with experimental data.

Silver medal

1. We design three new parts that are RFC10 compatible for our project.

2. In collaboration, we worked with SZU_China, Greatbay_China(a High school team) and XMU_China team for characterization of a part, technical assistance of Flow cytometry and discussion of microfluidic system design.

3. In Human Practices, our project is based on integration of Synthetic Biology and Microfluidics which may potentially bring a breakthrough in understanding the cell signaling and is profoundly good for human. We distributed our novel ideas to the public and to the pupils in primary schools. We experimented carefully under the instruction of lab safety regulations.

Gold medal

1. For Integrated Human Practices, we conducted an integrated research to realize the cognition of syn-bio concepts in China and We tried to affect the world by spreading out our project ideas during street interview on the public. We got some interesting ideas from different people with various background and made a general proposal for responsibility of scientific population.

2. We created two new composite parts from the existing parts and extend their functions.

3. We build mathematical models for Wnt secretion, Wnt signaling and microfluidics systems. To predict the key gene in Wnt secretion, we have co-expression analysis which may direct the experimental design. We calculated the correlation coefficient and distance of genes involving in Wnt signaling confirmed the topological relation of genes. Fluidic model enable us to improve the microfluidic parameter in practice.

4. We demonstrated our engineered systems and engineered cells with strong evidential support under regulation of safety committee. Explore more.