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Validated Parts

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  • Gold Medal part number:
    Previous part: BBa_E0040
    Improved part: BBa_K2591014
    Previous part: BBa_K2217015
    Improved part: BBa_K2591013

Gold Medal

For Improvement in Gold Medal, we have improved the original GFP part (BBa_E0040) with a TCF-TATA promoter, generating a perfect reporter system for WNT ligand in our project (BBa_K2591014). It works as an improved reporter that could report even at a weak expression levels with higher efficiency. Also, we have improved the BGH polyA part (BBa_K2217015) with two LoxP sites to make a switch by Cre (BBa_K2591013) (Find more details in our part page here). We provide those well characterized and validated improved parts to the iGEM community in the hope of a broad range of synthetic biology applications.

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K2591013 Regulatory LoxP-BGH polyA-LoxP 305
BBa_K2591014 Reporter TCF-TATA-GFP 978

Silver Medal

For Validated Part in Silver Medal, we added three parts (BBa_K2591010, BBa_K2591011, and BBa_K2591012), consisting of gRNA of genes together with scaffold, all of which were well characterized, validated, and used in our project. (Find more details in our part page here)

Name Type Description Length
BBa_K2591010 RNA gPor-scaffold 173
BBa_K2591011 RNA gWls-scaffold 174
BBa_K2591012 RNA gWnt3a-scaffold 174

Bronze Medal

For Characterization in Bronze Medal, we have characterized two parts, BBa_I714031 and BBa_K1592002, and repaired single errors in their sequences by artificial mutagenesis, which may potentially influence their function.