Team:SUSTech Shenzhen/Attributions


In this page, we want to express our appreciation to people who support our work in this full project circle. The accomplishment of the project cannot be achieved without the help from instructors, research groups and people from various backgrounds, as well as the hard work of team members. Say thanks to all of you!

iGEM team members:

Name Wet Lab Engineering Experiment Modeling Human Practices Wiki&Poster Parts
Jinwei Luo
Daqi Deng
Wei Wang
Shenzhi Chen
Hongyong Zhang
Qihao Ye
Kaiwen Luo
Luyao Wang
Xuetong Liu
Yuwei Shi
Yisen Tang
Yujing Yuan
Jiaqi Zhang
Minyu Tao
Haowen Dong
Zhuohang Li

Jinwei Luo did cell line construction, cell encapsulation and viability test in wet lab. He also took part in double emulsion system operation, several HP activities’ preparation and layout design of poster and Wiki.

Daqi Deng formulated the scenario and supervised the modeling part. He was the one that supervised the parts construction and wet lab as well.

Wei Wang in wet lab did experiments of western blotting and cell culture, as well as went to communication with Shenzhen University and SCAU. She prepared the art show of autism children.

Shenzhi Chen gathered the cancer sample RNA sequencing data from the internet and did the data filtering work after get the dataset, as well as did the co-expression gene analysis for the Wnt secretion pathway.

Hongyong Zhang took charge in engineer experiment, including making the microfluidics chip and operating the system. Also, he set up the physical model for it. He wrote the content of hardware page.

Qihao Ye set up the overall framework of the team Wiki. Plus, he also processed the raw data for the modeling students.

Kaiwen Luo grew the receptor cells and was involved in other cell experiment. gRNA part is took charge by him as well. He prepared the content in detailed experiment design web page.

Luyao Wang constructed 9 kinds of plasmids and undertook pSB1C3_BM2_Bba_K1592002 and relating writing parts. In HP, she was the one who introduced us to primary schools as well as the writer of story about the whole HP part.

Xuetong Liu constructed gRNA system, fluorescin, other molecule cloning and metals labs. What’s more, she participated in designing logo for the team.

Yuwei Shi grew the receptor cells, designed one part and helped in Biobrick. She drew the comics for children and also made some images for Wiki to depict the biology discipline of the project.

Yisen Tang designed the parts for the team as well as did some experiments in this area. He set up and improved several plasmids.

Yujing Yuan was our leader of HP events and stories presenting methods as well as the writer and reviser for major parts of the HP Wiki content.

Jiaqi Zhang followed the majority of the HP activities and gave advice while designing them. She collected images and information for Wiki and also took part in designing comics, poster, and Wiki.

Minyu Tao participated in raising donor cells and knocking down their DNA. She managed WeChat platform and twitter of the team and helped to design the Wiki page and mascot.

Haowen Dong did kinetic analysis for Wnt signaling pathway, including grey relation analysis, cluster analysis and pathway analysis.

Zhuohang Li modified the double emulsion system, as well as implemented modeling and simulation on the double emulsion system. Plus, he analyzed the Wnt secretion pathway.

All members took part in street interview and iGEM conferences.


We now here say thanks to all the helping hands we got during this year:

  • Chunhui Wu and Chaoran Tao from research group in the Department of Materials Science gave us many useful helps and instructions on Micro-well plate system.
  • Guipeng Li, Funding Zou and Hao Wang in biology research group had discussions about modeling with us.
  • Xingzhou Peng, Yunfei Li and Ying Tan from research group in Chen Lab help us a lot of experimental design, principle explanation and technical supports.
  • A special thanks goes to Professor Yanqing Tian and student Lanfeng Liang in microsphere research group of Materials Science Department.
  • Jianhua Li, research group secretary, as well as Cheng Xing, department secretary, supported our work in this whole year.
  • Xuanjie Shao designed the banner on campus opening day while Yuliang Yang made the one on exhibition.
  • Guanding Mei made the video of our experimental workflow and Shiqiang Tang modified it for the final version.
  • Huijun Hong made our team video.
  • Shiyi Team helped us a lot to construct the wiki page design and its structure.
  • Hui Luo and Yue Chen helped us to embellish Wiki page and drew images materials we can post on website.
  • Haiwen Xu took photos when iGEM team of Shenzhen University came.
  • Ke Shi painted our cute Wnt mascot out according to our description.
  • Sizhe Huang assisted to design a nice sweater uniform for the team.
  • Special thank Prof. Ying Sun, Prof. Zhe Wu, Dr. Changgao Yuan and Mr. Changgao Liu who accept our interview in the safety, ethics and biotechnology.
  • We gained useful advice from previous SUSTech_iGEM team members.
  • We show our great thanks to Department of Biology at SUSTech, who sponsors us for joining the competition.